Photo: Mindy Dunlap

Photo: Mindy Dunlap

“I have this dream: to live by the sea”

There truly is something magical about the streets of Paris. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgia, romance, hope and wonder as we walked from place to place. More than anything we did or saw, it was the feeling I had in being there that stayed with me the most. 

The song “Paris” came to me one night when I was playing around on my guitar after our trip. I was trying to find a melody that sounded like the feeling of Paris, and stumbled on a very simple progression. I wrote two versions of the song: one that was very narrative of our days spent in the city, and one that was an honest depiction of what i dreamed of love. I ended up recording the second version. 

Even though the lyrics have nothing to do with the actual city (like the other three tracks do), I decided the most important thing to remember from that leg of the trip was what I felt. And what I felt was the hope of what I wanted in love. 

Paris gives you the gift of imagining and hoping. Paris is a confidant. Paris is the place of romance and believing for something beautiful. I hope as you listen, you also dream.

you’re the song I write, the melody I sing”
Kaley Rutledge